15. Human Sexual Behavior I

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May 5, 2010) Robert Sapolsky explores behavioral patterns of human reproduction. He focuses on proximal and distal motivations, orgasm and fertility facilitation, non-reproductive sex, hormonal and cerebral sexual functions, and the differences and similarities between humans and animals in various physiological realms.

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21 Responses

  1. 0x90 means NOP says:

    I am so thankful for this series of lectures. You shaped my worldview in a positive direction. Thank you.

  2. MrOliverTube says:

    Sooooo great. Thank you !!!!

  3. E H says:

    1:29:00. If that part of the brain in transexual people is different from their natural sex and matches the people's claims about their ''true gender'', then, why would nature give them the opposite sex and sex features from what they are claiming to be?!

  4. Jeff Doe says:

    They teach sex ed at Stanford?

  5. Tate Van Patten says:

    Are the notes accessible to us hoi poloi?

  6. Jeff Rodriguez says:

    This guy is amazing!

  7. Eddie says:

    I could see the professor smoking a doobie while reading the Kama Sutra.

  8. Katie SidewalkAdvocate says:

    Wait a minute, what happened to the depression lecture? Or was that part of one with a different title?

  9. MrGoranPa says:

    This man talks like he's in constant erection.

  10. Joshua Rivers says:

    I hope to be teaching psych/soc at my local community college within the decade. Your beard and hair choices are spot on, kind sir.

  11. Victor Menneson says:

    29:00 is wrong. 10 to 30% no way. 1 to 3% of tests are "negative"

  12. meow meow says:

    I live near Seattle. the current up-and-coming narratives i am hearing are things like: there is no difference between the sexes, that "gender is a social construct" and "the future is non binary" …why are these things being pushed by some when it is so clearly and broad-sweepingly untrue?

  13. Дмитрий Федоряка says:

    If someone is wondering about how to make people honestly answer embarrassing questions (15:00), I found the method description here: http://chrissnijders.com/tempback/Clarke1998.pdf .

  14. Munrais says:

    I'm so glad I get to hear this guy. Thanks Stanford. Thanks, YouTube. And thanks, Robert Sapolsky.

  15. Xander says:

    This is a very sexy man. Intuition tells me he's swimming in pu$$y but P.C. tells me to apologize for (insert non-issue here)! shame on me. p.s. "no homo" as they say

  16. Raphael Basoni says:

    “In the particular realm of female rat sexual behavior,… the standard dogma has been that the female role is a very passive receptive one …[and that’s only true because] if she doesn’t have enough room to run around [bla bla bla ]… if you’re studying an animal in a setting where they can’t speak in their own language.” THAT’S ME UNDER CURRENT SOCIETY RULES. but anyways…. great class… too bad he didnt cover all possible sexual orientations.

  17. Marilyn Willett says:

    This douche bag is constantly touching base with genitals, sex sex sex. I knew a physics professor who was brilliant, BUT THIS GUY is the lowest denominator.

  18. Ponte Ryuurui says:

    Rofl if this vid gets lost in time somehow you ll be able to tell that he is speaking to millennials as there are more depressed ones than sexually satisfied ones, brilliant lecture by the by, many thanks for uploading

  19. Charles Brightman says:

    At about 49:00 in the video concerning the spike of dopamine in relation to "maybe's":
    a. I am reminded of casinos and their payouts. People get addicted to gambling for the 'high'.
    b. I am also reminded of social media sites like even YouTube, but Facebook and others as well. Sometimes you get a 'like' sometimes you don't. Sometimes you get a reply to a comment, sometimes you don't. Hence, people can get addicted to social media for the 'high'.
    c. I am reminded of businesses, sometimes they make a sale, sometimes they don't. Business owners also possibly get addicted to the 'high'.

    Seems like there are a lot of "maybe's" in our life that give us periodic 'highs' for various reasons.

    Maybe I will make more comments, did you get a bump in dopamine? Did you get 'high' over my comments?

  20. jarnMod says:

    No doubt perfume smell weird

  21. Jenn VB says:

    James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science"…for those below asking about the text

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