$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day

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43 Responses

  1. shane says:

    I really hope you guys enjoy this video. It truly was something I will never ever forget. Thank you Kathy for believing in me and for inspiring me to keep making things I love.
    Who is YOUR dream celebrity to meet and have a conversation with?

  2. Cam Brady says:

    Andrews laugh got me

    (Side note to people who read this; make a try not to laugh video- with just Andrew laughing for 3 minuets straight

  3. Jane Mage says:

    we all love u for the 2009 funny shit XD

  4. Meg May says:

    legend has it britney is still there

  5. Gergana Trendafilova says:

    Omg why we can hit the like button just once…. Shane you’re so inspiring and amazing…. all of you… ❤️ thank youuuuu

  6. Arctic Angel Gacha girl says:

    I enjoyed this so much I hope you never give up YOUTUBE you are amazing I started crying happy tears

  7. Jessica Guerrero says:

    im crying

  8. Antonellarojas 16 says:

    everyone does nothing while Andrew is dying behind the camera

  9. Arctic Angel Gacha girl says:

    Omg she is so funny

  10. Gabriella Paige says:

    Shane I literally NEED to hang out with ur mom!! She is literally the best from what I see!!

  11. I like Doughnuts says:


  12. Kim Kim says:

    Is anyone else watching all his videos to kill time for the new conspiracies videos

  13. Sharron Babino says:

    You know what shane!?!? F all those people who hate you, who are all like "Shane dawson is the worst youtuber" or stuff like that!!!!I want you to be happy. You are my favorite youtuber ever. You are do nice and I want to meet you in person.

  14. Melanie DeLonge says:

    Kathy's sonny and Cher shirt has my heart

  15. Alison Farrand says:

    Ryland:hey mermaids of rylantis welcome to my Gucci haul ooh uh birthday haul BEST PART

  16. Haily Villanueva says:

    Shane’s mom looks like Kathy griffin

  17. amy ricketts says:

    I liveee for Andrews laugh!!!

  18. Maggie Burt says:

    Ok so I click on the video and guess who’s ad was before it?


  19. Sam Jessie says:


  20. Lexi Steers says:

    Shane’s mum is sooo nice

  21. Pauline Quirke says:

    Please don't compare yourself to KG, she is a talented comic and actress. You are a guy with a camera and a high level of narcissism.

  22. el camino says:

    i’ll never get over how everyone is weirded out and laughing at garrett’s wand and andrew’s just like “yeah it’s garrett , my nerdy , cute boy”

  23. Whatever No says:

    I have been watching Shane for almost 11 years and I will cry if I ever meet him he has given me so much and I want to thank him for everything

  24. Grace VS says:

    34:35 I don't know why but this made me feel very uncomfortable! So rude. ahha

  25. im Bogham says:

    Ok when she showed the house , all I thought was : id put my phone down in that house and lose it instantly

  26. Bianca Banderas says:

    I have vertigo too, for the past 3 years

  27. Olivia Ainsworth says:

    12:56 click that button you wont regret it, i promise

  28. royal destroyer says:


  29. GameLiv says:

    Dose you mum live with Kathy Griffen

  30. SQUID THE KID says:


  31. SQUID THE KID says:

    Morgan's banana situation made me cry real tears

  32. Stephanie Forrester says:

    PLEASE go get Gucci PIG merch Shane!!! Literally they are doing a "celebrating the year of the pig" and they have PIGS ON EVERYTHING GUCCI! It just made me think of you and if you didn't know then I wanted you to lol

  33. Ashley Rose says:

    This is my favorite video of all time.

  34. Snowchuckles. says:

    just realised this is an advertisement for Kathys stand up …… still a good video but I think Kathy is trying to get some new audience that doesn't hate her

  35. Bella Costantini says:

    my dream person to meet and have a conversation with is you! omfg Shane u are my IDOL i love u and keep up the hilarious ur one of the few people who makes me lmao

  36. Javier Estrada says:

    yo, peep 10:05 and tell me that's not La Habanera from Carmen

  37. Jenna Stevenson says:

    Andrews laugh is so contagious oh my god

  38. Isabella McKeown says:

    Cathy is so cute!!

  39. Athanasia Balatsoukas says:

    fuuuuuck this still makes me emotional six months later

  40. panic!at the crybabies says:

    I like morgan shes cool

  41. piece of kpop trash uwu says:

    Whatever its name is

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