10 Legendary Comic Book Runs You Must Read Before You Die

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47 Responses

  1. Jens Danquah says:

    Read them. Can I die now?

  2. Ed A77 says:

    No Geoff John's Green Lantern? The list is an automatic fail…

  3. chefaaron77 says:

    What about Jim Lee's X-Men

  4. Adrian Carrera says:

    Thank you for not spoiling anything

  5. CODZILLA HD says:

    What is the first ever Marvel comic?

  6. Ted McIntosh says:

    Marv Wolfman And George Perez The New Teen Titans!!!

  7. Ken Stew says:

    When i was a kid i loved spider ham.

  8. Nawinn Duke says:

    I honestly think geoff johns green lantern run is legendary start to finish.

  9. Jan Udtujan says:

    Fave X-Men storylines: The Phoenix Saga, The Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, God Loves, Man Kills, The Fall of the Mutants, Inferno, X-Tinction Agenda, Legion, Age of Apocalypse, The Phalanx Covenant, Onslaught, Operation Zero Tolerance, The Twelve, Planet X, Here Comes Tomorrow, The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire, Avengers Vs. X-Men, and Phoenix Resurrection to name a few.

  10. KonradoTadam says:

    I agree.

  11. Geoff Churchill says:

    Alan Moore's run on WildCATS

  12. RIch Gallegos says:

    I"m sad that no one has mentioned Transmetropolitan.

  13. Joey Pethan says:

    Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol is pretty good.

  14. leo alcaraz says:

    Great choices but you lost me at the last one

  15. Joshua Izzo says:

    Lee & Kirby FF at #9 is a joke

  16. Mark Hutchins says:

    Any run on Daredevil? Have you read the Stan Lee/ Gene Colan stuff. Mike Murdock?

    I'd add Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's run on Master of Kung Fu
    Jim Steranko's run on Nick Fury in Strange Tales and then Nick Fury Agent of Shield was eye popping back in the day
    Lee and Kirby's run on Thor was almost as good as the FF.

  17. MrJohnffrey87 says:

    I'd nominate Todd McFarlane's run on Spiderman as at least an honorable mention.

  18. wdcain1 says:

    While I like Grant Morrison's Batman run (the Club of Villains is such a good idea), I found his Animal Man and Doom Patrol runs to be more interesting and having actual long lasting effects on the characters and how they worked within the DCverse.

    PS… how could you ignore the Iron Man run by David Michelanie and Bob Layton? They made me a fan of Iron Man before RDJ did.

  19. Zeeguy says:

    Great picks. I'd have included Walt Simonson's Thor; Marv Wolfman and George Perez's New Teen Titans; Perez's Wonder Woman; John Byrne's Fantastic Four and Superman runs; Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man; Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol; and Geoff Johns's Green Lantern, but that's just me.

    And note: I'm not including those because I just happen to like them. Some of them I'm neutral on, but I'm including them because I can't deny their influence on the portrayals of their respective characters. And that's just scratching the surface of the great runs out there.

  20. Jason Rollins says:

    Only comic book run anyone needs is uncanny x force

  21. Darren Hood says:

    I read them all, does this mean I die tomorrow?

  22. Elliot says:

    I disagree with Fantastic Four. Just reading it I was continuously thinking, "someone wrote this and it did well?". It was just ridiculous premises despite all of the great characters introduced, with the depiction of Sue pining for Namor who kidnapped her, the stealing of a shuttle to "beat the reds" into space and immediately getting consequences from this completely untested ship thank you genius Mr. Fantastic, and just generally hilarious lines and turn of phrase

  23. Stephen Sewter says:

    With you on Daredevil hard to pick one. Id also go with Hickmans Fantastic Four, Bendis Ultimate Spider-man, Johns Green Lantern, BKVs Runaways and Snyders Batman (love Morrisons run but will always take Black Mirror and Court of Owls ahead of it)

  24. Comic Culture says:

    Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men
    Walter Siminson's epic Thor Run
    Matt Fraction's Hawkeye
    Mark Weid's Dardevil
    Lee/Kirby Fantasitc Four run
    Jason Aaron's Thor
    Jonathan Hickman's F4/Avengers
    Charles Soule's Daredevil run
    Nick Spencer current Spider-Man run

  25. Trent Shimmons II says:

    10 from hell
    9 promethia
    8 Death the high cost of living
    7 Y the last man
    6 Batman the long Halloween
    5 legion lost
    4 guardian devil Daredevil
    3 Lucifer
    2 pride of Baghdad
    1 Starman Jack Knight series
    Books you should read that are over looked

  26. kronosmorpheus1234 says:

    Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602 was amazing too.

  27. Fırat Gürkök says:

    J Michales Stracnzyski's Amazing Spider-Man should at least have had a memorable mention of somesort

  28. Harkness78 says:

    Video better have Frank Millers run on Daredevil, and Millar/Hitch's run on Ultimates.
    Edit; Now that i think about it Ultimates is almost more 2 mini-series than a "run", and they did reccommend Miller's Daredevil (I actually prefer his first 30 or so issues in the late 70s over Born Again). They should have had Simonson's run on Thor.

  29. TheRazmereShow says:

    I would have added SOMETHING by Geoff Johns and maybe bumped up Gail's Birds Of Prey a few places.

  30. stevestryker says:

    The Bendis/Maleev Daredevil run was outstanding. I don't even consider it to be a comic book run it deserved to be mentioned alongside crime fiction.

    I would also highly recommended Joe Kelly's Deadpool run from the late 90's. Written long before he became a culture icon, it's full of great comedy and crazy storylines. The hipsters Deadpool run basically.

  31. Cory Loveless says:

    Any comic book done by John Byrne great then great very underrated

  32. Ricardo Mejia says:

    Bru Daredevil run was amazing, such a shame he left Marvel, I wanted more Black Tarantula

  33. JMtheSmartAlec says:

    Aquaman 2011-2016

  34. Pirelli913 says:

    You like Daredevil so much, yet you don't include the series that paid homage to it with Eastman and Laird's Mirage Studios' Volume 1 (1984-1993) of TMNT, which culminated with City at War.

  35. John Labor says:

    I’m sure someone already mentioned it but Hickman’s Fantastic Four/Avengers run. It’s jut too bad Marvel pissed away all his efforts.

  36. Gabriel Vaz says:

    I would add Walt Simonson´s Thor to this list.

  37. RamsTheNameCom says:

    (Cough) Moon Knight: Countdown to Dark

  38. Jensen C says:

    Hi! Anyone wanna recommend some comics to me?

    I like these characters/groups:
    – Cable
    – Deadpool
    – Fantastic Four
    – Spider-Man
    – X-Men

    Thank you!!

  39. John Fromm says:

    Honestly they should have several videos of marvel, DC and more widely unknown publishing houses like Image or Dark Horse

  40. Little Fears says:

    Yeeep. Sandman. Absolutely awesome. Enabling so much teenage angst… And I loved it!

  41. Riff Af says:

    My suggestion :

    – Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender
    – Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja
    – Superior foes of spiderman by Nick Spence
    – Iron Fist by Ed Brubaker, Fraction
    – Runaways by Bryan Vaughan
    – New Mutants, especially the demon bear saga
    – Vision by Tom King

  42. manas suck says:

    How about Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol or Animal man?

  43. Manie Stranger says:

    Hands down the bast two heroes of all time batman and spider man and please please don't start the hate it's just my opinion

  44. Romain A. says:

    Moreison's X-men, Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man, Hickman's Avengers, Whedon's Astonishing X-men…

  45. Anton A. says:

    Chuck Dixon's run on Batman and J. M. Straczynski's run on ASM deserve a mention.

  46. Adam Aksoy says:

    Walt simonson Thor

  47. Chris Samiere says:

    Kurt busiek's and John Byrne's superman runs

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