10 Amazing Details That Completely Change Popular Films

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10 Incredible Facts That Totally Change Famous Films!
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As the years go by, movie fans learn each and every thing there is to know about their favorite films. But sometimes, a single detail or two that could explain plot holes and dangling plot threads is missed. Funny, informative, or downright disturbing, it’s these little known secrets that can forever change the way you see your favorite movies. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Amazing Details That Completely Change Popular Films.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce
Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Fight Club | 0:30
The Matrix | 1:08
E.T. | 1:33
Monsters Inc. | 2:01
The Avengers | 2:24
The LEGO Movie | 2:48
James Bond | 3:22
Batman Returns | 3:49
Gremlins | 4:24
Star Wars | 4:48

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41 Responses

  1. Eric Serakas says:

    Ewoks were suppose to be Wookiees in return of the Jedi. Which makes sense. An army of Wookiees vs storm troops. However George Lucas marketing team told him he would make a lot more money in merchandising if he made them teddy bear sizes. Hence the birth of the Ewok.

  2. Fake Channel says:

    Another thing about E.T. is the fact that he just HAPPENS TO BE FROM THE STAR WARS GALAXY! When E.T. sees a kid dressed as Yoda for halloween, he goes towards it saying "home, home." In one Senate meeting in Star Wars, you see three of E.T.'s species. Yes, I understand that these are just fun cameos.

  3. Mark Miles says:

    finding dory derp version

  4. Mustachio Pistachio says:

    why does the sound of your voice change through out the video?

  5. Halle McSulla says:

    Is it me, or does the E.T thing with the finger that explodes stuff, FROM DOCTOR WHO.

  6. רועי רשף פלסנר says:

    I'm love marvel

  7. Sanjuro says:

    what the movie was going to be vs what the movie is, does not change what it is

  8. Shannon Guffey says:

    where can you get your stuff

  9. Shannon Guffey says:

    where do you find this stuff

  10. Crazy Apple says:


  11. Blue SheepPlayzYT - Minecraft & More says:

    Screen Rant the real reason for why yoda had to luke that Vader was his father was because a child conchologist said that children would think it is a lie

  12. Joshua Stramiello says:

    Harrison Ford does not voice Han Solo in Lego movie

  13. Hypothetical Brownies says:

    You know I think you guys should make a video that tells people why in movies all aliens hatch out of gooie balls

  14. X X says:

    I love secret rant I'm a subsriber

  15. Rob StrickeN Feary says:

    You CANT tell me 0:43 isnt a forshadowing of 911.

  16. Henry Alman says:

    The Lego movie would have bean better

  17. Donnie Alexander says:

    not gonna lie that alien kinda freaked me out

  18. Laika says:

    Yoda isn't sinister at all, he's smart and protective. I know the prequels are far from popular, but they explain the reasoning behind the decision not to tell Luke or Leia.

  19. michael lamont says:

    Your thumbnails are clickbaity but they are decent videos. You are the reason I go onto youtube for 5 minutes and 4 hrs later I am here

  20. Mattais says:

    if you pause the vidio when Han-Solo is smirking in the beginning of the vid he looks like Will Farl

  21. NitroCaliber says:


  22. cameron fraser says:

    So many of these are not even true

  23. Carlos Machado says:

    0:16 This costume, it's for Vesper?

  24. Nathan Hall says:

    Wow. The title and the actual video are from two different things. Embarrassing blooper on your part?

    For the record, I would have watched this video if it was named accurately. Say, "10 Early Drafts That Would Have Been Completely Different Movies"?

  25. BabyBoomerChannel says:

    So the AMAZING message of this video is that script changes were made by the Director and Writers. Wow.

  26. brokaflakaflame says:


  27. Random Name says:

    the amazing spider man 2 around 1:10:50 you see a light from the camera when they are in the closet and kissing (look carefully)

  28. Atomic Afro says:

    I think that wasp idea would be much better than black widow wwwwhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy

  29. WhoreGotShot says:

    The american history x alternate ending

  30. RedFragmentation says:

    Was it just me or at the start put together batman and the admiral and the narrator "I will text you 'Its a trap' 'as the years go by' " creepy huh…

  31. RedFragmentation says:

    Was it just me or at the start put together batman and the admiral and the narrator "I will text you 'Its a trap' 'as the years go by' "

  32. Lost cause says:

    The original Matrix premise was much better and the only person that would have thought it was too complicated is some moron business degree suit.

    Business majors are fucking cancer.

  33. The Real Tony03 says:

    awesome video keep up the good work

  34. The Real Tony03 says:

    awesome video keep up the good work

  35. The Real Tony03 says:

    awesome video keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

  36. Luis Granados says:


  37. Luis Granados says:


  38. Malikah J says:


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  40. Seamus Martin says:

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